Liverpool meet Chelsea at the Vodafone Park in Istanbul in the upcoming regular match of the UEFA Super Cup.

Liverpool - Chelsea F.C.

Prediction 14.08.2019

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Tournament: UEFA Super Cup

Venue: Vodafone Park

Match date: 14.08.2019 at 20:00

On August 14 2019 at 20:00 at the Vodafone Park in Istanbul in the upcoming regular match of the UEFA Super Cup Liverpool will play against Chelsea. This will be the Super Cup between two English teams which were the winners of their Champions League and Europa League in the previous season. It seems like the winners of the more prestigious competition will have an advantage this time and yet everything may be different.

In the season 2019/19 Liverpool won the Champions League for the sixth time in their history as they outplayed Tottenham 2:0 in the final. As a result, the Reds became one of the strongest teams of the Old World. In the new season Liverpool have already played two matches in which they lost to Manchester City in the Community Shield and outplayed Norwich in the starting game of the English Premier League.

As for Chelsea, they were considered to be the favorites of the Europa League from the very beginning of the previous season and in the end they won against Arsenal in the final of the competition. During the summer break the Blues had their manager replaced which will change the situation significantly, as it seems to us. The first match of Frank Lampard as a manger of Chelsea appeared to be far from successful as they lost to Manchester United with the devastating 0:4 score.

The matches for the Super Cup usually feel like the friendly ones and that is why the results aren’t usually that important. What the teams are trying to do is to make the fans happy with a lot of attacking activations and a lot of goals scored. We think that the upcoming match will be really spectacular and with a lot of chances created and realized.


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