In the second round match of the Italian Serie A between Cagliari and Inter ,the new forward of Nerazzurri Romelu Lukaku was met with insults 12:16 09.09.2019

Wave of racism sweeps over Italy


In the second round match of the Italian Serie A between Cagliari and Inter ,the new forward of Nerazzurri Romelu Lukaku was met with insults.

This summer, Antonio Conte led Inter Milan, after which he asked the management to buy Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku. After the Belgian came to the Italian championship, he was immediately subjected to racist insults in the victorious for Milanese match with Cagliari.

The “hoots” were constantly heard towards the Belgian from the stands, imitating the sounds of primates, which offended him. The clubs decided not to make a fuss, but the football community with well-known players entered the business. Lilian Thuram expressed his indignation at what was happening, and Demba Ba did say that he would like all the dark-skinned players to leave Serie A.

Representatives of Inter ultras movement commented on the situation and defended Cagliari fans, saying that this was just an attempt to demoralize the attacker,

“…Please take this attitude from the Italian fans as a tribute, because it means that they are afraid that you can score against their favorite team. It’s not because they are racist or hate you”

However, representatives of the Fare network (Football Against Racism in Europe), which fights against racism and xenophobia in Europe, did not think so. The organization said that similar situations that constantly flare up in Italy are unacceptable and they will fight for Lukaku’s rights,

“Sunday events complemented the already familiar picture when players are insulted and the match referee is unable to defend them. The leaders of the league and clubs simply turn a blind eye to this.

The reaction of Cagliari, fans of Inter and the Italian Football Federation indicates that they deny the meaning of the insults and are not going to take any active actions.”

In the modern world, when issues of racism, gender equality and other discrimination are heard from all the speakers of the monitor, the situation in Italy remains the same. There is already a formed culture, whose representatives put up with it or leave this championship. This happened to many football players. Last season, even Moise Kean was insulted, and then went to Everton.

There is nothing good in racism, however, the constant focus on this phenomenon will not fix the problem, but will only turn into another discrimination. Therefore, it is important to maintain balance, and not rush from one extreme to another. Everyone is equal before everyone and democracy is the only way out of this situation at the legislative level.

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