Real Madrid are looking for Zinedine Zidane’s replacement, who has performed a lightning rod role for Florentino Perez, and are working Jurgen Klopp 10:52 23.09.2019

Jurgen Klopp is on Real radars


Real Madrid are looking for Zinedine Zidane’s replacement, who has performed a lightning rod role for Florentino Perez, and are working Jurgen Klopp.

Real Madrid retrieved Zinedine Zidane for the sake of the fans’ opinion of the management. However, after the club did not sign Paul Pogba and left Isco and Gareth Bale, it became clear that the conditions that were promised to the French manager are actually not satisfied. Zidane now talks about the Welshman’s importance for the team, although in the beginning of the summer he said the opposite, using unambiguous expressions regarding his departure.

Now, when the Madridians’ results do not please, just like the game, the club decided to test the waters in search of a new manager. Recently I expressed my thoughts regarding the news of Jose Mourinho’s return, but Florentino Perez and company have already decided not to go down the same road. They want Jurgen Klopp.

However, not only Real want to invite the German manager. After the coach’s success with Liverpool last season, Catalan Barcelona also have eyes for him. People at Camp Nou are not sure that Ernesto Valverde will get better after two knockdowns in the Champions League in a row. Besides, the loss of points in the new season with Athletic and Osasuna continue escalating the situation at Barcelona.

The Spanish giants intend to strengthen their dominance in the international arena not only with Klopp. Apart from the manager, Real and Barcelona also crave to get additionally the best defender of the previous season of the Champions League and probably the future Ballon D’Or winner, Virgil van Dijk. The club managements reckon that the German will be able to convince the Dutchman to move to Spain in spite of a long-term contract with Liverpool.

On the other hand, back in spring Klopp claimed that after fulfilling his contract with Liverpool he wants to take a break for a year or even retire from coaching. Considering what the Spanish giants can offer the German it will be difficult for him to resist. But Jurgen is one of the few left from the old school of values. Money do not play a huge role for him and he confirms that with every season.

A team spirit and faith in footballers are important for him. What is there to say, if he prefers trainings of his players rather than purchases every transfer window. It is difficult to imagine Klopp, where he chasing after Ramos or Messi at training camps. The German’s charisma cannot withstand a golden cage and he perfectly understands that; therefore, expecting him at Real or Barcelona for the fans of the clubs is much like the story of Hachiko. Heavy metal is not created in greenhouse conditions and pop music is not interesting to Klopp.

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