English Manchester City are considering Kingsley Coman as a replacement for injured Leroy Sane 13:48 24.11.2019

Man City are following Coman


English Manchester City are considering Kingsley Coman as a replacement for injured Leroy Sane.

This summer, Bayern Munich followed Leroy Sane for a long time in an attempt to lure him to Allianz Arena. According to the reputable German media, the deal was already on paper and could have taken place at the end of the transfer window. However, the German’s injury in the Super Cup of England match between Manchester City and Liverpool intervened in the process.

After that, Sane did not appear on the pitch and may not play a single match in the EPL this year. In this regard, Bayern calmed down and decided to wait until the next transfer window. The Germans hope to benefit from Sane's injury by buying him at a discounted price due to lack of gaming practice.

Leroy's contract ends in the summer of 2021, and since Guardiola let him out him mostly from the bench even completely healthy, Sane's desire to stay at Etihad is little.

Therefore, Manchester City will also try to make the most of the German transfer. Guardiola would like to see Kingsley Coman in his team, who still does not impress with his performance at Allianz Arena, but would fit into the tactical formation of the Catalan brain. This season, Coman has had only one goal in ten appearances for the Rekordmeister.

Given the fact that two French nationals (Mendy and Laporte) play for the City, it will be easy for him to get comfortable. At the same time he has good dribbling and speed, and also does not crave what Guardiola values ​​most. Therefore, for the long run, Koman would fit Pep. Moreover, in the winter a considerable envelope for the reinforcement of the squad may arrive. The management of the club is dissatisfied with the injuries of the players of the defensive line and the leadership of Liverpool, so it is ready to shell out for the purchase of new players. Thus, both clubs would profit from the exchange of Coman on. The only clue is the adaptation of the latter at Allianz Arena and the return to the former level after a serious injury.

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