Ivan Rakitic is not happy that lately he has been warming the reserve bench and intends to leave the club 11:05 25.11.2019

Rakitic is not happy with his situation at Barca


Ivan Rakitic is not happy that lately he has been warming the reserve bench and intends to leave the club.

The former Europa League cup winner, the World Cup finalist and the Champions League winner Ivan Rakitic is gradually packing his suitcases. Recently he explained his dissatisfaction with absence of desired amount of gaming practice. This season, the Croat spent only seven matches in the league for Barcelona and made one assist. Therefore, it was not surprising, what he stated,

“How can a footballer be pleased? By playing. How my little daughter feels, when a toy is taken away from her? She is sad. I feel the same way: they took away my ball and I am sad.

I have no problem expressing my feelings. I like it. When I want to cry, I have no problem about it. If I want to celebrate, go ahead. I am 31, not 38. I feel great,” said Rakitic.

After these words, a number of clubs became interested in the halfback, amongst which were Serie A representatives, such as Juventus, Milan and Inter, as well as Atletico. Inter attracts the Croat by the fact that there are enough of his countrymen. Besides, Luka Modric intended to go there last summer and it is quite possible, he will move there a bit later. Inter as a resort for experienced footballers, who still want to play on a high level, but with lower pace is a great option.

Juventus is considered to be another resort in Italy. However, there are more problems here, as the Turinians would have to sell at least one midfielder. Most likely, it will be Matuidi, whose contract expires in 2020.

Atletico Madrid seems to be the most acceptable option. By moving to Simeone’s team, Rakitic would not change the league, would still be seen and would have an opportunity to win trophies against the decline of Barcelona and Real. Moreover, the Indians themselves are interested in the transfer and are ready to pay 40 million euros. But they are not down with salary of 6.5 million euros a year, the player wants. Besides, the fans are still angry about Griezmann’s transfer.

Thus, Rakitic has several options to continue his career. This also can be the price raise, considering that he is fighting for salary at Atletico. If his desire to leave Barcelona is true, Inter would be the optimal option, which is building under Conte and has all the chances to replace Juventus at the Serie hegemon post.

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