Kevin De Bruyne harshly criticized the updated draw system and the holding of Euro 2020. 08:03 27.11.2019

De Bruyne: It’s disgrace that everything is already predetermined


Kevin De Bruyne harshly criticized the updated draw system and the holding of Euro 2020.

The national team of Belgium in the qualification for Euro 2020 took first place, gaining 30 points. Roberto Martinez's team conceded only three goals and scored 40, getting the best difference at the qualification stage. Therefore, the Devils were in pot one and were able to know their opponents from other pots earlier.

the teams of Russia and Denmark will play together with the Belgians in group B. The fourth team will be determined at the draw stage on 30th of November. However, the spread there is not very large. There are only two options: the team of Wales or the team of Finland. This technology was not liked by the leader of the national team of Belgium and the player of Manchester City Kevin de Bruyne,

“It’s disgrace that everything is already predetermined. It looks like a distortion of the tournament to me. Football is becoming business more and more,” the Citizens’ halfback said.

De Bruyne is right about business. However, there are clear advantages in the draw. Fans have more time to evaluate the group of their favorite team and decide whether to go to support it in another country at the group stage. There is an opportunity to wait and think, while tickets are not sold out.

As for business, this directly concerns the increase in the number of cities and countries that host the tournament, as well as the number of teams. If previously 16 teams took part in the final round of the European Championship, now the figure has increased by one and a half times. This will attract more fans across the continent and increase profits. By and large, the Nations League, which was created as a substitute for friendly matches, is the same way of assigning status to necessary matches in order to attract more spectators.

Therefore, it is strange even that De Bruyne reacted on the capitalization of sport, which has been happening for a long time now and expanding around the world, so late.

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