In the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, Liverpool wrote a new chapter in football history, recouping after a 3-0 defeat at Camp Nou six days ago 18:43 11.05.2019

Jurgen Klopp: this was freaking awesome!


In the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, Liverpool wrote a new chapter in football history, recouping after a 3-0 defeat at Camp Nou six days ago.

Before the match, the bookmakers absolutely did not believe in the Liverpool comeback, given the exhausting fight of the Reds in the last round of the Premier League against Newcastle. Then, only thanks to Van Dijk's intuition and Shaqiri’s submission, the mersisiders did not lose their chances for the first line. But on Tuesday, Liverpool had to fight for the second time this week with Barcelona, which beat them at home 3-0.

The bookmakers gave 6% to the Liverpool passage to the finals, and the team of Jürgen Klopp used each of them like the Avengers in the last film. On Wednesday in Catalonia, Barcelona just beat Liverpool, who left Camp Nou without a goal, which they definitely earned. In the second leg, the Reds didn’t beat Valverde’s team, but rolled it, which the coach of Blaugranas later said in an interview.

Klopp lost Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino ahead of the game. In the center of the field Keita was unavailable. Players like Ben Woodburn and even the young talent of Rhian Brewster appeared on the bench. Already in the seventh minute, Divock Origi after a failed strike of Henderson opened the scoring in the match. Liverpool launched a total offensive, using all the advantages of Klopp gegenpressing. The first 20 minutes of the meeting, Barcelona could not catch the ball on another side of the field, and the Reds tried to score thanks to the efforts of Origi, Mane and Shaqiri.

Separately, we can talk about the defense, which played significantly, ranging from Fabinho, and ending with Alisson, who stops Barcelona for the second time in two years on the way to the Champions League Cup. The Catalans after 20 minutes dried up the game, but were afraid to decide anything. The entire burden of responsibility sat on the shoulders of Lionel Messi, as if he was thrown into the national team of Argentina. In each situation, the Barcelona players were looking through the eyes of Leo to decide the moment.

Against the backdrop of a simulating Suarez, an inert Coutinho and lost in a pile of giants in the red form Messi, Liverpool looked like a monolith. This monolith was not going to lose, they knew how to act and Klopp in the second half proved it by firing Vijnaldum. The Dutchman in two minutes issued a brace and equalized the score in the confrontation. What happened next is a typical example of a non-trivial plot development in modern cinema.

In the case of the other teams, the decisive goal would have been scored after a heavy knock on the opponent's goal, on the 90th minute. This was similar last year at the Olympico Stadium in Rome. But not in the case when Liverpool are on stage. The Trent Alexander-Arnold corner play at the 79th minute is an example to every athlete that second relaxation is fraught with a bitter fiasco.

The final chord of the confrontation was a foul of Messi on Fabinho in extra time. At that moment it became clear that Barcelona had laid down their daggers, not seeing the opportunity to go with them against the Liverpool cannon.

After the match, Jürgen Klopp stated, “Listen, ten minutes past ten, the children should already sleep in bed. The guys showed just a freaking powerful mindset. Fine me if you wish, but this is not my native language, and I do not know other words to describe it.”

Jürgen Klopp did not reinvent the wheel with new game schemes or personal care. Most likely he just told the guys to give the maximum out of their strength for the sake of Anfield. And against the backdrop of the singing crowd, his team without leading performers wrote a fairy tale, which for many years we will tell our children, looking at the photo of the monument to the emotional German near the red stadium of Liverpool, which sooner or later will be there.

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