The striker and captain of the Brazilian national team and French PSG Neymar can leave his club this summer already 18:24 14.05.2019

Paris doesn’t need Neymar


The striker and captain of the Brazilian national team and French PSG Neymar can leave his club this summer already.

Pari Saint-Germain have put themselves at a disadvantage after the current season. Having bought Neymar for 222 million euros in the summer of 2017, the capital city club has not achieved the desired results in the international arena. The team of the Qatari sheikhs did not break even into the semi-finals of the Champions League, not to mention the victory in the tournament.

Neymar was injured in the beginning of spring for two years, and because of that he did not help his team in the matches against Real Madrid, as well as against Manchester United, which led to the departure of Emery from the team, and then Tuchel. Therefore, the need to keep the Brazilian in PSG is not so great.

Probably, PSG will want to pay back the amount they paid two years ago for one of the best players in the world, if they sell Neymar this summer. But few are willing to pay the necessary money for PSG for the Brazilian who is not ready for a tough fight and is often injured.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the 27-year-old striker has a secret item in the contract. Thanks to him, the amount deductible in the Neymar agreement is reduced from the next year's transfer window from 222 million euros to 170 million.

Neymar is supposedly interested in returning to Spain at some stage in his career, as was previously mentioned quite often in his interviews. In the winter rumor was that the football player is actively communicating with the management of Barcelona, but also Real Madrid is interested in the Brazilian, who is looking for a leader in the team after Ronaldo’s departure. One way or another, PSG need to quickly resolve the issue with Neymar if they do not want to go into a strong loss from this transfer.

According to bookmakers’ odds, Neymar is likely to return to Spain - 2.00. A transfer to Real Madrid is evaluated with the odds of 3.00, and the transfer to any English club is 4.00.

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