On Friday, Real Madrid and Chelsea London shook hands and concluded the transfer of Eden Hazard to Santiago Bernabeu 10:26 10.06.2019

Hazard is officially at Real


On Friday, Real Madrid and Chelsea London shook hands and concluded the transfer of Eden Hazard to Santiago Bernabeu.

For the past two seasons, the Madridians constantly held their hand on the pulse of a possible Eden Hazard transfer. The Belgian constantly added fuel to the fire with his direct interviews, in which he said that he dreams of playing for Los Blancos’ team.

Now, when the transfer became a reality, the Belgian thoroughly described everything on Facebook, what happened to him throughout six years at the Blues’ camp. In conclusion Hazard expressed words of gratitude to everyone, with whom he dealt with at Stamford Bridge,

“Chelsea and especially Chelsea fans will always be special to me.

Before I leave, I want to say thank you one more time to everyone in the club for their great effort. I also have to thank the owner, mister Abramovich and his management for helping me realize not one, but two dreams: becoming Chelsea player and today the seond one – becoming Real Madrid player.”

According to the British resource the Telegraph, Chelsea received 88.5 million pounds from Real immediately. In perspective, the London club can receive even more than 40 million pounds as bonuses for the footballer. People at Stamford Bridge are confident that there will be no problems with that and their now former player will became the first team player in Zinedine Zidane’s squad.

Thus, the winger became has become the most expensive purchase of the Royal club after Cristiano Ronald and Gareth Bale. Despite that, Hazard’s transfer seems like a necessity, which Real achieved thanks to Zidane, who has returned to the club.

It is clear that the Belgian arrives at Los Blancos’ camp for a role of a leader, which previously belonged to Ronaldo. But everything was different in the case of the Portuguese. Back then he came fro, Man Utd, having received the steering wheel from Raul. Right now Hazard needs to claim himself, because all f his regalia with Chelsea will not be something for Real footballers. The Belgian’s further career is exclusivel in his hands, but at this stage already one can say that he deserves his dream to come true with his hard work at Lille and Chelsea.

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