In the English Super Cup match, Manchester City met with Liverpool, who took the second place in the league last season 09:21 07.08.2019

Manchester City take the Community Shield


In the English Super Cup match, Manchester City met with Liverpool, who took the second place in the league last season.

Because Manchester City won all domestic trophies last season, the second strongest team in the country confronted them in the Super Cup. It was the Merseyside Liverpool, which last season also weren’t left without a trophy, having taken the Champions League cup, after which Pep Guardiola is hunting since the moment of his departure from Barcelona.

The match began with a complete domination of the Citizens on the pitch. They easily tore the midfield and defense zones of Jurgen Klopp’s team. The Reds also acted not as compactly, as in the spring  and made a lot of mistakes in the center. From the start the central axis of defense contained of Joe Gomez and van Dijk. Trent Alexander-Arnold was located on the right and Robertson on the right. The English had a terrible first half, allowing Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling to outplay himself.By the way, the former on the 13th minute already got injured, thus making it harder to transfer to Beyern Munich.

However, a minute before Sane’s injury, the nominal guests opened the score at Wembley after a cross from the left wing. David Silva adjusted the ball, Sterling shot and Alisson Becker couldn’t react to the shot from the goalkeeper box’s line, hesitating on the goal line.

After that, Liverpool’s mistakes did not go anywhere and Manchester City gradually began giving away the initiative to the opponents. In the second half, Klopp replaced Alexdaner-Arnold, having let out Matip. He went to the center and Gomez occupied the Englishman’s position. It helped partially, but had Sterling played promptly against his former team, the cup winner would have been known even sooner.

After that, Liverpool, having taken advantage of the fact that Manchester City players are not in their best physical condition after the camp, began doing the last year’s pressing. Mohamed Salah did not manage to strike Bravo’s goal in the full-time, although he did shoot more often than other players in both teams. After a pass from the corner from Shaqiri, the ball flew to van Dijk, who with a soft throw sent it to Matip's head. The Cameroonian did not leave Bravo any chances and equalized.

After the goal, Liverpool became even bolder and went scoring the second goal. But in the injury time already Salah failed the team. After defense’s mistake, the Egyptian who couldn’t shoot through the Chilean goalkeeper, struck right into him and then with his head finished off into an empty net. Then Walker came to the rescue, who in an acrobatic jump knocked the ball to the corner. In the penalty shootout, Wijnaldum’s miss decided everything and Manchester City took the fourth title for the calendar year in England.

Jurgen Klopp claimed after the match that the level of play of his team was far more important than the victory and Pep admitted that his team ran out of steam in the last 15 minutes and Liverpool had every chance of winning. The result of this Super Cup is that over the summer the teams have not changed their philosophy. Liverpool are playing hard now and the team needs to feel the taste of the game. Manchester City quickly fizzle out, which is unacceptable luxury for the English team. Therefore, the new Premier League season promises to be even hotter than the previous one.

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